Erasmus+ RMT

Since 2013, the French Government has included European and international mobility of young people as one of its priorities. As part of the action plan “Youth is our priority’ released by the Prime Minister on 23 February 2013, new strategic and political levels have been put in place at national level (Standing Committee on European and international mobility of young people) and regional level: Regional Committee for Mobility (COREMOB). Based in the Ile-de-France since the 9th October 2015, COREMOB is the strategic body for regional and political management of international mobility programmes. It brings together all the public, private and voluntary bodies concerned with mobility of young people, whatever their status, engaged in a project of mobility for study, work-based learning or voluntary reasons. Chaired jointly by the central government and the regional council, the COREMOB aims to undertake a territorial diagnosis (status of current programmes, beneficiaries and available funding) and propose a three-year plan for the development of mobility. The Ile de France regional council is responsible of the chairing of a working group on the recognition of formal and informal benefits through mobility.

The COREMOB thus provides a unique forum both to contribute to the enrichment of the RMT project and for its dissemination at regional level.